Colby – passed away November 27, 2020

Oh Colby, you were 100% GSP… including more than your fair share of asshole shenanigans…and we will miss you so. You made us late for work, got picked up by the cops, ruined Christmas dinner with your death-defying romp down Hwy 280, tore up the truck upholstery, executed perfect points at butterflies, exacted vengeance on the evil skunk, helped rid the chicken coop of pesky ground squirrels and adopted neighbors as safe havens to run to when moms weren’t home and the neighbors started shooting and you got in your freak out mode. Quirky doesn’t even begin to describe your personality. There were plenty of sweet moments and laughs too. Mr. Grumpypants, Colbycheeser, Cheese, the Mommas and your sisters miss you. Say hi to Coconut, Finn, Scout and Mickey. Run free my friend, you were one of a kind.

– Catherine and Mac

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