Oscar – April 2001 – November 13, 2010

Oscar came into my life as a one-year-old stray in May 2002, having found his way into the San Francisco SPCA shelter. He quickly found his way to the center of my life and bed. He was a remarkable dog: intelligent, loving, friendly, attentive, clever, precocious. independent, alert, inquisitive and very focused, intuitive, playful, loyal, interested in people, squirrels, and gophers; stuffed toys were a joy.

I know he had a good life. He knew he was loved. He had his own rights and needs that had to be respected and at the same time understood so much about me, and all the people he met. Sadly he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and tachycardia in January and lived well with medical treatment for another ten months, fully involved with his adventures. He left when his life was still full. As a friend observed: He was an unusual dog with the capability of friendship and caring and sensitivity beyond any other I’ve known and loved.

– Rick Carrington

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