Mercy – passed away January 4, 2011

Mercy was rescued by NorCal GSP Rescue in Feb. 2010. Even though she suffered from advanced arthritis, Mercy was full of character and personality and made sure her body took her wherever she wanted to go! When it was mealtime, she serenaded everyone with a hilarious “Woo woo” and never met a morsel of food she didn’t like. She spent her last 10 months hanging out with the other dogs in her foster homes, catching some rays by the pool and even swimming a lap or two. Unfortunately, our sweet Merc took a turn for the worse as the New Year approached and was helped to the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 4, 2011. This “sweet old bird” reminded us of why we love the oldies so much. They’re just so pure of heart and deserve to live out the rest of their lives in comfort, not end their lives in a shelter. It was good to know you “Moosie”. Rest in peace sweet girl.

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