Pippie (fka Lexi) – passed away July 14, 2017

I am absolutely devastated – just two months after her toe was removed, and her pre-surgical ultrasound, x-ray, and EKG were 100% clear, this news was crushing. Pippie was euthanized at home today after a routine x-ray for arthritis on Tuesday revealed a large mass in her chest, placing heavy stress on her heart and spine. By today, she was in heart failure, and her heart was very weak. She had a peaceful, easy end, and I will miss her terribly. She was quite a character.

Thank you for being a friend to her, even if she wouldn’t let you pet her! :) As quirky and nutty as Pippie was, she was and remains the greatest dog I ever met – through all of her health challenges, she remained true to her very special nature.

-Denise Salles

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