Bella – passed away July 8, 2017

Her name was Bella, but we called her Bell Bell. Our little girl Bella died from torsion. We are broken-hearted and crushed. She was everything to us. She played every day around our pool, and at night she slept under our covers. She was obsessed with her ball. Ball playing started first thing in the morning ended at bedtime and then she slept with it in her mouth all night like a pacifier. If you were playing ball with her and she put it in your lap, she would peck at you until you threw it. She was adorable. I’ve had a lot of dogs, but never like her. She was the happiest dog I’ve ever seen. She had a full tail and a constant wiggle. Since I have Lupus, I am home 90% of the time so she was never alone. She was my very best friend. Our world revolves around her and her older brother. And to be completely honest, I absolutely prefer dogs to people.

-Kimberlee and Paul Pericoli

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