Bella (rescue name Bella2) – passed away June 17, 2017

It is with deep regret that I must let everyone know that Bella passed away in my arms on June 20, 2017, at the veterinarian’s office of cancer. Bella was a great friend and I miss her a lot! She had battled cancer, had several operations to remove growths, but two days after the last operation we were told that she would need chemotherapy and that would only slow the spread. Our time together was way too short.

The first time I had seen a picture of Bella up for adoption I just fell in love with those eyes. My wife and I went to meet her at her foster home and we expected to be able to at least pet her but Bella barked at us the whole time and she kept her distance. Her foster mother Dalia did not expect us to call and make a second trip over the following weekend. This time we had a meeting at the park and played ball. Bella let her guard down and I was able to reach over and scratch her behind the ear and that was it we were best friends.

Bella loved to go play ball at the park, but she did not like it if other dogs were around. She would run out to get the ball, stop and look around for other dogs if it was clear then her tail would wag and she would pick up the ball and return it to my feet. She loved to go for walks and hikes with us and was very good at the times when she could be off the leash by never going far away.

My wife Anna was very patient with Bella and taught her many tricks. One of the tricks they worked on was roll over which we thought Bella would not be able to learn. On our first GSP reunion picnic, to our surprise Bella did her first roll over on the soft grass, we could not believe it! We later found out that it was because Bella did not want to do it on the hard floors at home.

At night Bella would sometimes snort like a pig when she slept and I just thought that was so funny. If Bella needed to use the back yard at night, upon her return she would come to the side of the bed to wake one of us up so that we would cover her up in her blanket and tuck her back in.
We miss her very much and hope that she is able to play ball in dog heaven.

-Jim and Anna Pate

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