Rally – passed away July 6, 2021

I’m sad to report that our Rally boy, AKA Rallykins, (boo-boo, babycakes, goofball) crossed the bridge that we knew was there. It was, fortunately, a “good death” at home with Minnie, his foster sister, and me, and my niece, Dr. Linda Montgomery, who is a vet in Penn Valley who is known for empathetic euthanasia. We knew it was time and are grateful to the Rescue for matching us up those years ago with Rally and with his former foster mom, Anne Thilges.

Rally was a big lovable 8-year-old when we adopted him and he gave us great times and great memories, Sure he was stubborn and barked like a seal, had severe separation anxiety, and snored loudly but that is all minor compared to the companionship and comfort he gave us.

–Mary Devore

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