Rheemy (formerly Remmy) – passed away October 2, 2022

Remmy at his new home

Rheemy was such a good dog = his eyes, so expressive. His bark so high on the octave scale you had to laugh. But he loved his blanket, morning scratch, etc. What he hated was being left alone for a couple of hours. He always greeted me happily, then BARKED loud and long as if to punish me. Then he’d press his head, body against me and whimper and whine as if to say, Don’t leave me alone again.

We got along so well. I had my doubts with me NOT having a dog for years, decades really. To find, to be able live with and share Rheemy life brought so much joy and happiness to me and my friends. I had 2 little boys that never had a dog and were afraid of them. Well Rheemy was so calm, so easygoing that Tyler (6y.o.) was smilin’ and patting Rheemy all the time. Even Dylan (8 y.o.) would play with Rheemy though gently because Rheemy had problems. Yet, when they left, they were smiling. Upon news about Rheemy, both boys were crying.

Life without a dog, is terribly lonely.

James F.

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