Rosie (formerly Whole Lotta Rosie) – passed away November 9, 2021

Sadly Rosie had to be euthanized, a result of degenerative myelopathy. She was such a high spirited dog when she was first delivered to us. We were worried we made a mistake. Tearing up dog beds, tomato and strawberry plants. She mellowed out o being a fantastic pet for the 13 years or so we had her. With a bee sting we almost lost her. Trip to the emergency vet prevented that and an epipen was now an essential item to have on hand. No trip was without a printout of emergency vet clinics in the area just in case.

She brought much joy and love in our lives and we felt so lucky in being able to adopt her. Thank you for the opportunity and allowing her into our lives.

She will be greatly missed.

Regards, The Ganns

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