Sweet Pea

When Sweet Pea was surrendered, Catherine and Jen stepped up to foster for the umpteenth time. They’ve fostered so many dogs, they were confident they could resist Sweet Pea’s charms. Boy were they wrong! They became foster failures again, in almost record time. In her defense, Catherine wrote: “How can you deny the perfect dog? She smiles constantly, doesn’t try to eat the cats, is great in the house, no counter surfing. Colby (aka Mr. Grumpypants) hardly growled at her…I think he likes her! And when she’s happy to see you—which is all the time–she wags her (full) tail so hard that it whacks her sides! She is a joy! She loves her squeaky toys, a run in the field and a good car ride. I’m sure her foster failure brothers had the talk with her while we were at work…”  Sweet Pea is now living the good life with her doting parents, couple of canine brothers, cats and goats on a farm in the foothills with lots of room to roam.

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