Sweet Dallas (now Murphy) was an Owner Surrender.  His people turned him in to a Vet because they couldn’t address his needs, including a case of pneumonia.  The vet contacted us and we took him in.  We were instantly impressed with how mellow this boy was, as well as polite and well trained.  He knew basic commands.  He came when called. He was loving around humans of all sorts, even children–just wanting to shower them with kisses. He would spin in circles of joy whenever his humans came home. He stole the hearts of some of our most seasoned foster homes (thank you Kirsty and Cathy).  Dallas has been adopted by a couple who work from home in San Francisco, and they plan to call him Murphy.  He’ll get all the love and attention he craves, plus lots walks and jogs and visits to dog parks and coffee shops.  Murphy will have no end of reasons to keep on wagging his tail and running in those happy circles.

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