Bella – (was Ella2) passed away October 10, 2021

When you lose your furry bff… and your heart is broken but you still have to get up the next day.

Bella came to us looking perfect “on paper” as they say…but she was a fearful soul who needed so much love, care and patience, I am a different person because of her- better, no doubt.

Bella has been a companion like no other. She was the friend we all need in our lives. As I reflect on my 6 years of her being my shadow, I hope you can also reflect on your friendships and open your heart to a rescue dog that needs a second chance.

Here are the final “pointers of wisdom” from Bella, one for each year I had with her …and one for good dog measure.

–Accept others with all of their fears and flaws and they will give you back more love than you can embrace
–Be still when your friends need to be still and be crazy when they need to be crazy
–Love everyone new that comes into your life. Lots of friends means lots of hugs and snuggles
–When your friends are sick, step up your game so they know you got their back. Make them laugh, nap with them and show them your best self
–Be patient when others don’t meet your expectations, most of us are trying to do their best … just love them for who they are
–Know and respect your friends’ “circle of trust” and help them stretch those circles when they are ready.
–Live life like you’re in quarantine- protect the vulnerable, care for others, stay home more and learn to be content with a simpler life with the humans and dogs you love

Bella left this earth with her head in my hands and my heart exhausted from loving her so much. I told her to find Hannah, she will protect her and lead her to the rainbow bridge.

–Melissa & Gerry Argue


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