Buckley – passed away April 2018

We are saddened to share that last week Travis and I gained a guardian angel. Buckley (Class of 2016) had two very spoiled retirement years with us (though it seemed like many more) before losing his battle to nasal tumors/cancer at age 11. He loved his routine, long walks with me, grass, tennis balls, “playing lacrosse” with Travis, treats, and naps in his adopted blue armchair. He taught me so much about love, patience, care, and compassion. He gave me a heart for senior pets (the best!). We are so grateful for his rescue from Sacramento SPCA, his fostering by Catherine and Mac, and local friends Janie and Geoff. I can’t imagine our home without my little buddy — he left paw prints on my heart. We love you, Buck!

-With thanks and hopes to adopt again one day, Corinne

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