Jake’s owners surrendered him because of his propensity to eat rocks, drywall, fence boards, bedding, etc., resulting in bowel obstructions and expensive surgeries. Other than that, he is a charming, playful, cuddly guy who loves to play fetch and gets along well with everyone. Jake found just the right forever home–with a secure yard for fetch games and close to a big park for running. His dog-savvy mom works from home, where she can keep a sharp eye on her ‘pack of wolves’: Otto the 9-year-old Doodle and Jasper, a young Shepherd-Malinois mix who is delighted to have a new brother with a similar energy level and love of play. Thank you, Liz & family and Lauren, for fostering Jake; and thank you, Krystelle, for adopting him.

Cute Jake with his new fur brothers.

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