Juanna – passed away May 19, 2019

Juanna, nicknamed Tilly, came to the Rescue a mess.  She had been rescued by a Good Samaritan after Tilly, a sick, malnourished senior stray reduced to scavenging around a dumpster, warmed her heart.  The Rescue and her foster home stopped at nothing to make the remainder of her life pain-free, with a cushioned bed of her own in every room, a daily walk, unlimited amounts of yummy food, lots and lots of treats and all the love and attention she could possible want.  She was an incredibly sweet dog and saw everyone and everything as a friend (except birds, of course).  She never barked.  She also never passed up an opportunity to demonstrate her affection.  She was such a beautiful soul and has been missed terribly.

-Brian, Heather and Tucker

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