Lucy, formerly Suzy – passed away November 14, 2019

It is with the heaviest heart that I tell you the tumor got the best of my girl last Thursday. My heart aches, I miss her sweet face, her funny antics and how she laid on top of me in the morning digging her elbows into my chest as I gently squeezed her lips and scratched her chin. She loved that. The mornings have been the hardest, I turn in circles because I have no routine. And the house is SO quiet, the silence is deafening. For the last few days, I am just pretending she is still here. I even put my bowl on the floor for her to lick after I scrambled my eggs. I told my friend yesterday I guess I have to get used to going to the bathroom by myself now too.

My vet tried so incredibly hard to save her as Lucy just laid there head held high looking into Dr. Kelly’s eyes with full trust and courage. They are both angels in my book. I feel blessed that you all trusted me with her to begin with. We had such a good time together. The night before she passed I was reminding her of all the beautiful places we went, all the nice hotels she stayed in and all the friends she got to sit on top of.

I loved that little dog. She was so excited last week because it was finally sweater weather again. I pulled her sweater out to put it on her and she turned a circle (like circus poodle, she did that when she was happy) it was so adorable. She left a paw print on my heart for sure.

I will not wait as long to fill my life with another one. I just need a few months to mourn and honor her. But I am well aware that I am much happier and healthier with a GSP by my side. I actually already looked at your site to see who was available to love me.

I will be making a donation in her name too. Thank you for all you do, please keep me in mind. My friend called me crying over Lucy on Friday, she asked ‘please do not adopt an older dog next time’ but I probably will. It was one of the sweetest years of my life.

-With love, Kimmy Carter

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