Molly (formerly Maxine) – passed away January 1, 2023

My sweet sweet Molly, who came to me 3-1/2 years ago as a 9-year-old senior through this group, made her way to the rainbow bridge yesterday. I have never owned a GSP before and I want to think she was unique, but maybe all GSPs are this sweet, kind, and loyal. She was an old soul who had nothing but unconditional love for us! Even loved our cat, they slept together. She followed me everywhere and almost got panicked if we couldn’t see each other. She nudged my hand if it was close by to pet her. She loved chasing squirrels until her vision went and even then if they got close enough, she would react. It broke my heart to say goodbye, but I know it’s only the physical body that left. She will forever be in my mind and heart until we meet again! I miss you sweet pea, my beloved Molly. 💔

— Sean Brady

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