Tre Bien (formerly Tre) – passed away February 8, 2023

Tre Bien was a fearless and brave little man for the entire 15 years I had him. The first time I met him he barked at me and ran away but he came back and was soon enjoying belly rubs. He had adopted me. Not having the 4th leg in the rear enabled him to squeeze through some tight spaces resulting in “walkabouts” that had me worried but he always came back from his little adventures no worse for the wear, maybe muddy or skunked but happy as he could be. His hummingbird tail always conveyed his joy for life. We bonded in a way that allowed me to know what he needed when his body started to give out, I helped him whenever he needed but it became clear he was putting on a brave face for me. He was in pain with every movement towards the end and I decided he was too good a dog to be made to live in pain and so at the age of 17 we helped him to cross the rainbow bridge on Wednesday evening February 8th, 2023. He was surrounded by his family with Jyl and me and we said goodbye. He will be sorely missed as the man of the house to all the other dogs. We love you and we miss you Tre Bien.


Adoption day
Final day
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