Daisy May – passed away February 5, 2023

We are just heartbroken. Daisy May was the sweetest girl ever with just your typical, quirky shorthair personality. She was instantly at home with us. She loved our yard, especially when the squirrels and turkeys would come by for a visit. She loved to let me know I wasn’t preparing her meals quick enough! She was a great car passenger and loved the window rolled down. She fell into a routine of relaxing in front of the fireplace in the mornings, visiting with the kids during the day (as she was never home alone), taking walks to explore our creek, sniffing the yard for critters and then snuggling back up in front of the fireplace before settling down in our room for the night. We miss her immensely. Thank you for trusting us to bring Daisy May into our home. Our time with her was too short but it was very, very sweet.

–The Bailey Family

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