Samantha (formerly Samantha2) – passed away May 23, 2023

Samantha and her Brother Max (Maximillion) came to us on 12/2/2020 when their owner could no longer care for them. Ironically this was the actual day of their 12th BDAY, and Matt’s Birthday as well…talk about meant to be! They both quickly settled into the good life with plenty of fun stuff to do, sniff, chase, and hunt, and with Boone and Crockett welcoming them into the pack. There is so much to say about these two…Max left us in March 2022. Boone helped Samantha through it, then Remington joined the family. Sammie and Remi became instant pals and he followed her lead everywhere Sammie was, Rem was. Sammie taught Remi the fun of lizard patrol and chase, and you would often find them laying in the dirt getting some sun, choosing the dirt over the dog bed, of course always right after a fresh bath ..LOL Some of Sammie’s favorite things included sunning with her brothers, chasing lizards to no end, having yummy treats, harassing Janelle in the kitchen, harassing young temp foster babies (most recent Stewie and Widgett). She loved to tease Matt, and she was his little princess. She loved to jump into the Cal King bed and dig into the sheets to get a cozy nap in. She would itch her muzzle every day using a hard surface such as the edge of the coffee table, a rock, or the wall to get just the right scratching in, so much so it would make her leg wiggle…She made us so happy, even though we did not get a lot of time with her.

Samantha went to be with Crockett and her brother Max on May 23, 2023.

In loving memory of 14.5yo Samantha, AKA SamSam, Sammie, Punky Brewster, Mamasita…We all miss you…
Matt, Janelle, Boone and Remi

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