August – passed away November 14, 2018

Augie was a senior dog when we adopted him, at least 10, but with the behavior of a dog much older, and we guessed having lived outside or on his own for a good period of time. He had an eye injury and was neutered just before he came to us, so he was not attractive or a happy camper and our GSP, Fielder, was not into being a friend to him. We brought him to an adoption fair, and all he wanted to do was sit on us, as we sat in camp chairs. He wasn’t very attractive to adopters. With food and warmth, we coaxed him to come inside, but he was always so awkward, not knowing where to go or where he belonged. He only knew he wanted the softest, warmest spot. At my office, that was ON my desk, next to my computer (for being 10 – no shortage of spring). He gave HUGS, which we trained out of him as it was not appropriate for guests! We thought maybe he was blind; his shooting through the needle of our open sliding door proved otherwise. We thought he might be deaf; his perking up with the opening of the treat jar, or a clap (a “come” command) from another room, proved otherwise. He NEVER barked, only in his sleep. And then in his last months, he would bark to correct the puppy that would chew his ears trying to get him to play. He would never complain, whine or “go” in the house. He always wanted cuddles. He always wanted to go farther than you’d take him so you had to have him on leash (or be prepared for a 10-mile XC run). He never gave up, just insisted we carry him up/down stairs, and without a bark or a whine, got us to hand-feed him in the end. We will miss his quiet blinking tremendously. I’m so glad we had the chance to love him and get his love every day for how long we could.

-Michelle and family

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