Kamo is not quite three years old, but this high-energy sweetheart has been through a lot. He was bred to be a hunting dog, but Kamo’s life became chaotic when his owner passed away unexpectedly. He was abandoned for a time, left with only a tennis ball for a friend. Eventually, he went to a shelter. NorCal GSP Rescue got him out and placed him in foster care. It took lots of effort from many volunteers to help Kamo prepare for life in a permanent home. This smart boy could be very loving, but he could also become anxious, concerned, and fearful of other dogs. This quirky, complicated dog would require just the right home. Team Kamo worked for over a year to tune up his manners, providing him with love and support while looking for his ideal family. He finally found that home. He now spends his days hiking, swimming, chasing tennis balls, and being a good little brother to his new human and canine siblings. He goes to bed exhausted and happy every night. Many thanks to Kamo’s foster homes: John and Tracy, Anne and Brad (and alum Brody), Nicole and Simone, Liz and Andrea (and alum Benson). And thank you, Chris and Jessica, for adopting Kamo and giving him the life he deserves.

Kamo with his new family

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