When petite, stinking-cute Dixie was found wandering in a desert, she was captured and sent into our rescue program. Because of the ongoing pandemic, lots of people are home, searching for pets to spoil. Numerous households volunteered to foster young Dixie, but fastest on the button were our longtime volunteers, Catherine and Jen, who live …

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Deno – passed away June 30, 2020

Deno came into our lives when Suzie needed him the most. She loved him so much. They’re now back together again and running free. As for me, I’m just wandering around aimlessly without my right-hand man. I miss my big boy so much. Love M


Creek (now Luna) was a happy country dog—until everything changed. Her family moved to a home with a small yard, and no one had time for her anymore. We found her a foster home with a young active couple able to give her the attention and training she needed. They renamed her Luna and fell …

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Princess Leia

Princess Leia’s galaxy exploded when the human who’d raised her since puppyhood suddenly had to go into assisted living and could not take her along for a final adventure. No family or friend could step up, either, so the princess ended up in a shelter. That is no place for a sweet elderly GSP, so …

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When we sprang Flaco from extended shelter confinement, this sensitive GSP’s anxiety had reached a near-manic level of fight-or-flight. The poor boy needed time and attention to recuperate and feel safe enough to show his true colors. Anne and Brad did a fabulous job of fostering him, with lots of help from a trainer and …

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Koby is a young GSP/Wirehaired Pointer mix who was surrendered to us from an unfortunate situation. He’d been living outdoors and arrived covered with ticks, as well as under-socialized. We placed him in a dog-savvy foster home, where he got along well with a small-breed canine brother. Koby met every new challenge with the determination …

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Three-year-old Marco (now Archer) landed in a shelter, but we got him out of there and into a foster home with a family including two human sisters and a pit sis named Clementine. Marco revealed himself to be a people pleaser who loves attention. He also loves to run through the yard at top speed, …

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“Ike” (short for Eisenhower) arrived skin and bones, weighing a mere 40 pounds. He appeared to lack any training, but he was sweet and affectionate. His fosters treated him to the good life: lots of good food and loving, daily walks, playing fetch, and napping in the sun. Within three weeks, he gained 17 pounds …

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