In Memoriam

This is a special section for dogs from or in our rescue who have gone to Rainbow Bridge.

Molly – passed away May 13, 2014

Molly passed today from leukemia. I only enjoyed her for 6 months. I find peace with the fact she had more love in 6 months than her previous 14 years as a backyard only dog. -Carol, foster mom and forever mom

Luke – passed away December 2013

Luke, You were the star of Thanksgiving 2013. I’m so glad I got to sneak you copious amounts of turkey. We had crazy fun with you and miss you dearly. See you on the other side “Hollywood”. – Eddy and Lisa

Jolie – passed away 2012

Jolie passed on before her time. She began having seizures after she was adopted, and her family tried everything the neurologist recommended. She needed more and more medication, and finally, even that was no longer helping.

Trigger – passed away December 3, 2011

Trigger had been dropped off at the shelter and he came into our program terribly ill and on his last legs. Thanks to two wonderful foster homes, he spent his final days in the warmth and comfort of a home environment, with lots of love, care, and blankets.

Tiki – passed away September 17, 2010

Sweet Tiki passed away in foster care after complications from her spay surgery – she declined very rapidly and could not be saved. Her foster family is heartbroken – they were considering adopting her.

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